Facial Toner

Facial Toner

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This toner for face is specially formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients to remove impurities and maintain a balanced pH level. With regular use, it helps to minimize pores and improve overall skin texture, leaving your face feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

With proven formulations and customized options, achieve healthier, more radiant skin with ease. Let our toners help you achieve your skin goals.

Net wt:  3.5 oz

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Parnell
Multi-purpose toner!

I tried the Rosewater toner for my aging, sensitive, but oily skin and absolutely love it! I chose the spray top, as I personally like to spritz the skin between each product to allow for better product absorption, using less product. I feel that it helps hydrate the skin while balancing oil, but is also great for clearing blemishes quickly thanks to the witch hazel! Toner is such an underrated step in most peoples' skincare routine. I'm glad to see it as a part of this facial line!

Kaitlyn Turner
Fresh clean feeling

Ever since I started using this, I no longer have to use moisturizer before makeup every single day which is great for my sensitive skin!

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