Squalane + Blue Tansy Facial Serum

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Experience the ultimate in skincare with our Squalane + Blue Tansy Facial Serum.  Enriched with natural squalane & blue tansy oils, these luxurious oils provide numerous benefits for your face, including intense hydration, improved elasticity, and reduced signs of aging. With our expert blend, your skin will feel nourished, replenished, and rejuvenated.

A powerful combination, squalane oil contains hydrating and regenerative properties, while blue tansy oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Its high levels of antioxidants can help soothe and calm the skin, while promoting a clearer complexion. Nourish and protect your face with this powerful oil.



Customer Reviews

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Lisa Parnell
Great for rosacea!

This serum is an excellent step in calming hydration that I feel everyone needs! I have always had sensitive skin and rosacea, and this serum helps calm and soothe my skin and prep it for the Flawless moisturizer to soak right in. Knowing the ingredients that go into this, you absolutely cannot beat this price! Pro tip (I'm an esthetician): spritz a toner onto your skin before applying this serum while the skin is still damp. This makes just a few small drops of serum will go a long way, making it even more worth the amazing price!

Paula Wright

This feels absolutely amazing on your face!!!

Nyleen Friedrich

Love using the serum. My face feels so much better after using. My skin seems to have more elasticity and smoothness when using.

Aleisha Hansen
The best for clearing my skin!

I have noticed such a huge difference in my skin since using this serum! I rarely have breakouts and all the redness and inflammation has disappeared! Even just the smallest size lasts me a month. Huge fan!

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